HR Management System

Employee are the most important assets of any company and managing them effectively and efficiently will add to their content with the company and enhanced productivity

Nubis HRM allow HR department, managers and employees to manage all employees related tasks from one application with ease and promptness.

Nubis HRM can be accessed from PC, Notebook, tablet or smart phone proving very convenient to use

One Application - All HR Relations

Enable all HR related departments (recruitment, personnel, training, compensation, etc) to have 360 degree of the employee. Allow managers the flexibility to review performance and manage KPI and appraisal without getting back to HR and waiting for reports.

Facilitate 2-way interaction

Why not allow employees to place vacation requests from their mobiles while checking their vacation balance. Why not send employees special greeting on their employment anniversary and win their loyalty.

Measurement and visibility

Extensive reports and dashboards allows managers to always be on top of their company Human Rersources performance.

Highly secured

Enjoy the security built into Nubis HRM and its infrastructure. Data are encrypted and access is controlled by you. Control who views, who adds and who modifies. And best of all, everything is tracked and logged for great accountability.

Low startup investment

Focus investment within your core business where it can generate revenues. No need to invest in Hardware, License of implementation costs. Simply reduce all your investments to little monthly rental fees.

Low operational costs

Reduce IT support costs, license maintenance costs, costs of implementing modifications to the application. Simply reduce all your operational costs to simply Internet Bandwidth.

Cloud Based & Mobile Ready

Advantages of Cloud-Based applications

As part of the modernisation process and to keep in step with customers and employees expectations, most companies are considering the move from paper-based systems and legacy Server-Based systems. But some of those that have already made the move from paper to in-house (client-server) computer systems are now wondering if they have made the right move.

This is because the cloud has arrived.

Cloud-based systems have made the transition from a traditional paper-based system to a super-efficient electronic solution not only a simple process, but also a very cost-efficient option.

Cloud-Based vs. Client-Server

Cloud-based systems store a practice’s data on external servers. Doctors, practice managers and authorised staff access their information through the web. They need only a computer or mobile device with wa secure Internet connection.

Client-server systems store data in house, using a large computer (a server) and other terminals for the various users around the practice.

Low Implmentation Cost

No need for Huge upfront investment in Hardware, Licenses and implmentation. Simply rent as you need

Accessible from anywhere

Access the system from anywhere using any device (Notebook, tablet or Smart Phone

Secure & Reliable

Top security measures deployed on state of art infrastructure gurnatee 99.9% uptime